I like things timeless, relaxed and natural…

Like you, I’m busy at work all day every day and love to dwell in a space that feels like a haven. Good food, music and fresh flowers are some of my favorite things. With four kids and a dog, I do what I can to make my own place as great as possible, but have found that a relaxed attitude towards “perfection” has led me to contentment that can be hard to find in a consumer driven culture. A well worn rug, greens from my yard, something made by hand; I love it when things are slightly off and tell a story, because to me, that’s real life. And it’s beautiful.

Using furnishings and meaningful artwork, I love providing intimate spaces that have a warmer feel and function. Moving beyond designs that are based just on floor plans and what’s easy to find in a catalog, to curated spaces where your story is told in lovely ways.